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Company Profile

NATH's Mission

NATH's mission is to promote modern dynamic ethical Management and Service Quality for the business and hospitality fields and create stronger awareness amongst the people in the region on Sustainable Tourism to protect and safe-guard the environment.

Corporate Profile

Founded in 2008, the inception of NATH began with the provision of Quality Service Trainings and Consulting to an international luxury 5-star hotel, Sedona Hotels Yangon (Keppel Land, Singapore), the Myanmar national flag-carrier airline, Myanmar Airways International, Myanmar (MAI), Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) Maldives and a Small Luxury Hotel (SLH), Coco Palm Resort Maldives.

Ronnie Kywe Thiyam     Co-Founder & Consultant in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Hotel Operations

Having extensively worked as a successful Hospitality & Service Consultant in several countries with vast expertise in the area of Hospitality and Service Management, Ronnie has written SOPs (standard operation procedures) for service outlets in hotels and resorts and has trained personnel from various departments of Resorts, Hotels, Airlines and Airports in four different countries in Asia namely, Macau, Myanmar, Maldives and Singapore. He is also a certified CTH (Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality, UK) lecturer.

Bobby Kywe    Co-Founder & Consultant in Business, Marketing and Education Management

Bobby is knowledgeable and experienced in the line of consulting marketing and management strategies for firms, which include training the sales and marketing executives and developing marketing and business management curriculum for corporate training. He is also an expert in designing effective university preparatory programs and curriculum that help obtain Undergraduate & Master students' admission at competitive colleges and universities worldwide. Having lectured business courses at both Undergraduate and MBA level, Bobby has experience working as an Education Management and a Business Development consultant for service sectors and education institutes in Asia Pacific region. He is also an experienced Guidance Counselor and a certified TEFL instructor.